12 Jul 2017

Eyes Wide Open

From the September and October, 2002, issues of Penthouse Magazine. For several hours Tera and Randy had been immersed in a world of hedonistic pleasures, in a place where society’s most affluent members gather to unleash their animalistic desires. Tera had pleasured Randy and then moved on to service other revelers. But with each man and woman she touched, her desire for Randy grew. Now, as daybreak threatened to end the festivities, she searched for him frantically. Fortunately for these two impassioned lovers, it did not take long for them to find each other again.Tera ignores the other women around Randy and climbs on top of him. He is pleased to see she has returned, for he longs for a taste of her pussy. As his tongue finds its way into the folds of her sex, she licks his cock fervently. Tera’s excitement drives her into a frenzy of orgasmic thrusting, and Randy cannot control her. He summons three beautiful masked women to restrain her lovingly while he feasts on her sex. Tera may not know their faces but she knows their bodies well.A rough tongue laps at her deepest folds as soft hands caress her entire body. She has never been the center of attention like this, and never before has she felt so ecstatic. Her skin tingles and she cries out wildly as endless orgasms convulse her body.When Randy slides his hard cock into her, he finds that Tera is dripping with her own juices and his saliva. She begs the women to play with her nipples as he fucks her. Tera mounts Randy and rides him hard and fast. He is turned on by the sight of his lover perched above him, but soon he has positioned himself on top and Tera is sucking at him once again.The moans of the orgy surrounding them have brought Tera and Randy to the point of no return. Randy grunts his satisfaction and then displays it, shooting a gusher of hot whiteness over Tera’s welcoming face and breasts.