Signe Berger
Bio: Signe Berger — calm, Self-assured, together. A woman who knows where she’s at and what she wants. A woman who grew up fast — who found herself early and still enjoys the company. “What is it with most people anyway?” asks Signe.

“So few find any real satisfaction in knowing themselves. To them, being alone is as uncomfortable as being with a stranger. Life is not an endurance test! It’s the realization that the rest of the world could carry on quite happily without you — that you really matter to you — that you are your own first obligation. I don’t think anyone can fully appreciate life until they understand that much.”

In her twenty years, Miss Berger has lost little time in the practical application of her philosophy.

“I’ve seen a lot and I’ve done a lot, and nothing jars my confidence in number one. I suppose it’s because I’ve come to terms with my own world and nothing in it can frighten me. In a nutshell, I’m a fatalist and a realist. Whatever I do, I’m honest. Wherever I go, I enjoy.”

A simple credo, from a girl whose ostensibly simple mountain roots — try Evergreen, Colorado — Instilled in her a certain uncluttered version of the human condition. In this regard, he thoughts on men are refreshing and direct.

“My ideal man doesn’t have a face, but physically he’s very masculine — strong, sleek like a jaguar, with a lot of power and yet with a big cat’s gentleness and capacity for play. That kind of man can really get me off. Why should I care what he looks like?”