Carmen Pope
Bio: Penthouse Pet of the Month March 1978 and
Penthouse Pet of the Month January 1983
We can’t seem to forget that adorable smiling face — or that astounding body that belongs to it. Carmen Pope — unlike the rest of the world — will never be too much with us. In fact, our discriminating readers can’t seem to get enough of her

Carmen was out centerfold in March 1978 and reappeared in a special February 1982 feature. She also appeared in our 1979 Pet of the year play-offs.

Now she takes center stage again — her long, loose masses of hair the only detectable difference from the nineteen-year-old-child-woman we fell in love with. At twenty-four, Carmen’s 38-22-36-inch figure still confounds the laws of probability…

While men traditionally turn to jelly at the sight of her, Carmen has managed to keep her head. Last march however, something happened “It could be the real thing,” she confides. “At least I’m giving it a real chance.”

She refers to a certain Toronto Argonaut football star she met while working out in a health spa. His trick? He looked but didn’t leap — commendable from a man who rushes for a living! “He understand,” says she, “that a girl can be both a New Woman and a total one.”

“I can have a career and be independent but still spend hours dressing and making up primping for him, only to very sexily take it all off while he watches.”

He has another quality that she finds uniquely attractive. “He’s never jealous. Every other man I’ve ever met refuses to let me out of his sight!” That must be a sign of their own insecurities… not very attractive in a real man. Alas, dear Carmen, such are the ways and weaknesses of all flesh.