Valerie Rae Clark
Bio: Penthouse Pet of the Month may 1977

At a lissome five feet nine inches, Valerie Rae Clark clearly stands out in a crowd. Which is the way she always expected it to be. “I’m definitely an exhibitionist,” says our green-eyed, twenty-year-old pet. “When I was a child, my favorite fantasy was to be a stripper — no fairy princesses for me. I dreamed about being up on a stage, in front of men. Now I’ve started doing exotic dances here in L.A., and I feel I’ve always been on the stage!” Don’t think Valerie is one-dimensional; this auburn-maned Cancer also writes songs, poems, and stories; practices calligraphy; and bakes “the world’s best whole-wheat bread.” But by far the most exciting event in this 36-23-36 beauty’s life was her film debut in Bob Guccione’s new film, Gore Vidal’s Caligula.

“It’s probably the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me,” she sighs. “Each day I develop more and more as an artist… The things I want are far beyond the scope of normal people’s imaginations, but I just go with the flow of it.” There is a refreshingly earthy side to this moon child’s personality, and she revels in all things sensual: “Food really turns me on. I love raw fish — sashimi — because it tastes like sex. To be erotic, you must savor everything, and I am a total erotic!”

“I was fifteen when I lost my virginity. I would have done it earlier, but my mother knew that I was showing an avid interest in sex and was about to jump into it. She told me, ‘Its no big deal.’ Actually, she loves sex herself but didn’t want me to start too soon. My first three experiences — with three different guys — were disastrous. But the fourth man was someone I met at a service station — we were both on bicycles. We rode out into the woods, had wine and grass, and talked. When we finally made love, it was fabulous!”

“When I really want to know a man, I just look into his eyes. If I only lust after him, then I go for the ass. When I get down to actually making love, dressing up for it is a real turn-on. I love doing a striptease or putting on a spangled mask, stockings, and garters.”

“I am definitely not a monogamous woman. The more variety, the better! I have certain men I see, and each has his own special game with me. Sometimes we will go to one of those incredible hotels with the mirrors and waterbeds and movies… I like to make love outdoors, too, on grassy hills or out in the desert. I’m very proud of my capacities for fully enjoying sex.”

“I like men to smell like men. Madison Avenue may have robbed us of our scents, but that doesn’t mean it has robbed us of our instincts. I respond heavily to the natural sex scents we all secrete when excited. I exercise my vaginal muscles regularly — that really increases sexual sensation — and I can’t resist showing it off to my man. Once I actually seduced my gynecologist. I waited behind the door in his office, and when he came in, I began pulling his clothes off. He must have liked it, because we made love right there!” Ah, for a loaf of whole-wheat bread, a speculum, and thou.