15 Aug 2017

Briana, Lita & Mark

The ancient art of dressage strives to create a perfect union between man and beast, to make a rider and his mount appear as one. As in other, more pedestrian, pursuits, a successful team is distinguished by fluidity and grace of movement and the skill with which all parties work together. When two-or more-compatible beings reach a state of perfect harmony, they are ready to capture the ultimate prize. Such discipline is also a successful strategy in the sexual arena, where an insatiable need to take direction and an unwavering ability to follow through are necessary for a master’s complete satisfaction. And nowhere could a master find a more willing pair of pony girls than this. Briana’s lines are supple and sleek, her form a fine and inviting one. She impresses as a filly who can deliver when she has to, executing her erotic moves like someone who knows her way around the track. Lita looks like she might be made of stronger stock. She shows promise as a real trophy piece, but just may require a firmer hand to break her. Tonight that hand belongs to Mark. Mark readies a crop, but no lash is needed to get these girls to perform. Briana straddles Lita nicely, getting her slim frame ready for the paces to come. Bits released from their mouths, the girls find Mark’s cock. Faltering at first, they admire its size and heft and weight. Their tongues become bolder, and they learn to love its taste. As their lips work on their master’s prick, Mark suddenly breaks their stride and puts the duo on the ready. Mounting Briana, he takes her slowly, sternly, completely. Lita is next to be prodded by Mark’s hardness. He locks her arms behind her as she shares a kiss with Briana, their tongues melting together like soft pink candy. Lita makes her way to Briana’s haunches, seeking her thin-lipped holes. Mark, meanwhile, still stuffed deep between her folds, tickles the lovely blonde’s desperate nipples. Ready to taste some pussy herself, Briana dives between her lover’s thighs. Soon enough it’s Mark who’s being rid- den hard as he prepares to finally put away his charges — wet. Briana and Lita return their attentions to Mark’s thick tool. Their lips and fingers pull at the purple head, rubbing the tender, taut skin to the brink of ecstasy. Lita leans back on her haunches, serving up her breasts in perfect position to receive a great offering. Briana presses together Lita’s mounds, creating a silky cup from which she’ll drink the master’s seed. When he comes, they swallow every last drop and lick him clean so he’ll be ready for the pony-girl parade, where each girl will get another reward in her pussy, mouth, and ass. A good master, after all, delivers much more than a one-trick pony.

08 Aug 2017

Business As Usual

Life is looking up for Special Agent Alex Rox. After years of office work for the Secret Service, he’s been assigned to the field to head up a security detail for a prominent U.S. senator. “It’s been a pleasure, ladies,” he tells two of the girls from the steno pool, “but it seems I’m needed else-where.” Jody and Jezebelle will surely miss him. Thoughts of Alex Rox have fueled many of their most erotic fantasies, and if ever there was a time to turn their fantasies into reality, it is now. Jody and Jezebelle take their eyes from the impressive bulge in his pants to exchange knowing glances, then decide to take care of some unfinished business. At long last, they’re about to make a move on their secret-agent man. The women light up a cigar and then light up each other, making sure Rox is nice and hard before treating him to their secret service. Jezebelle wraps her lips around Rox’s shaft while Jody’s tongue explores his mouth. Jezebelle and Jody know that when they put their heads together, they do their best work. They pull double duty on Rox’s manhood, stroking ... sucking… licking. Agent Rox has no problem with this desk job.Rox, always a hands-on supervisor, peels back Jody’s panties to expose her pussy. He penetrates her with his fingers and teases her aching clit while Jezebelle nibbles on her friend’s soft folds.The girls mash their pussies together, longing for some satisfaction, and take care of Rox at the same time. Their tongues roam up and down the length of his shaft and pay special attention to his bobbing cockhead.Rox fills Jezebelle with one swift move, sure that she can handle this entry-level position. He plunges in and out of her tight hole with haste, pausing only for a moment to grab a handful of Jody’s beautiful tits. While Rox and Jezebelle fuck, Jody treats them both to her talented tongue, alternately sucking on Rox’s heavy balls and Jezebelle’s smooth clit. Jezebelle comes long and hard, but Rox isn’t done working these girls over. Jody sits atop his cock, riding him faster … then slower … while Jezebelle lends a hand by massaging his turgid shaft. The ladies have their way with Agent Rox, running his cock along their clefts and plying him with hungry kisses. They can feel the come rising from his balls and are eager to bring him over the edge. Every man has his limit, and Rox has reached his. Eager to leave the girls something to remember him by, he spills his seed on Jezebelle’s breasts and adds to Jody’s pearl necklace. It will be a while before he can return to business as usual, but he doesn’t regret lying down on the job with these two, that’s for sure. It’s nice work … if you can get it. From the hardcore magazine days of Penthouse in November, 2002.