Where You Get to Crown the Winner … (sort of)

Once again Penthouse endeavors to assure you that your opinion does indeed matter.

By far the most popular question people send in about the annual Pet of the Year Vote tends to be the simple, “Does my vote really count?”

Well, to be perfectly honest, YES. It does. Sure, a variety of factors come into play when it comes to the important people choosing a Brand Representative, mostly for a year, but in some ways forever. That said, whittling down the list from 12 depends absolutely upon your vote, which explains how these spectacular women ended up here. Even in the final decision, vote count in this Pet Playoffs 2024 event means a whole heck of a lot. Granted, if somebody has 2 and another person has 200,000 then the lower ranking Pet probably cannot make up the difference with “other” positives, but when the difference between the votes gets close — and generally the playoff votes end up very, very close — then what you choose can win the day. Feel free to brag about your influence to your friends.

If you need to, let them say HELLO to you … y’know, again.

NOTE: You can vote every two days in this round, so feel free to set a bookmark and pop back in here to mark your favorite — even if that changes from day to day. Hey, we all like variety — just like we all secretly like to dance in the rain.