Pose for Penthouse

Since 1965, Penthouse magazine has remained the definitive playbook for premium lifestyle content, pull-no-punch investigative journalism, and of course, iconic photography.

As from our founding nearing 60 years ago now, Penthouse remains dedicated to showcasing elegant, tasteful and artistic nude photography, featuring a diverse range of women from around the world.

Strong, sensual and above all confident, a Penthouse model may be the perennial classic beauty, an iconic cover girl, a muse, or even a genre-stretching statement of contemporary sex appeal. If Playboy celebrated the “Girl Next Door” in its aim, Penthouse has always sought the woman you wish lived next door.

Incredible women have graced the covers of Penthouse since it earliest days in a collection of “it girls” for the era. Representing the influencers of their generation Penthouse has provided a depth for even iconic feminists, like: Madonna, Blondie, Vanessa Williams, and Jane Fonda. While the Penthouse cover has has always been undeniably beautiful, her desirability has always been closely linked to her ambitious, open-minded, and powerful attitude.

In order to sustain this tradition, we continually seek today’s generation of self-confident and driven women to feature online and in our print publications.

So if you think you have something to show off, something to say, maybe something to demonstrate, and you feel confident in your willingness to share, we have a place for you to begin that journey here. We encourage you to channel that bravery and take that first step.

Please be aware that it will take more than a few glamour nudes to get our attention. With only 12 winners for Pet of the Month in a calendar year, the competition can be impressive. We always interview potential models before even thinking about scheduling a shoot, so having something to say can never hurt.

Our female-fronted model management team has created a safe space where models can discuss their desired level of nudity, sensuality and their personal comfort zones, always in a closed-set environment. We never accept anything less from our crews than holding models in the highest regard and treating them with the upmost respect.

Let’s be honest: Too many people want those crew jobs. We can afford to be demanding.

So if you still think you have what it takes to be featured with Penthouse, fill out this form, and our Executive Team can see if they agree.

We will contact successful applicants (ONLY) from this initial round via email within six months. After that time, or if the Team simply did not feel a fit currently, application gets deleted. We do ask that agencies with prospective clients contact our talent manager rather than use this portal.

Remember: True beauty undeniably comes from within, but it never hurts to have a bit of it on the outside as well.

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