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by Rebecca Swanner

February, 2006


Just Russian Around

Russian Dolls

t.A.T.u.“Dangerous and Moving is about dangerous people, dangerous feelings, dangerous characters. Every song is about some kind of danger.”

They’re hot, and they’ve made out with each other in music videos like “All the Things She Said” — but they’re not hot for each other. Sadly, the love between the girls of Russia’s t.A.T.u. is just platonic. Still, when redheaded Lena Katina told us, “I’m kissing with my friends, always — not only with girls, but with boys also,” we began to consider: Are pseudo-lesbians hotter than the real thing? Perhaps. With Richard Carpenter (yes, of the Carpenters) and Sting both guesting on their new record, Dangerous and Moving, we’re not sure who these “boys” are. We just hope they don’t get between Lena and her childhood friend Julia Volkova.

What was it like recording at the Village in L.A.? The Doors, the Rolling Stones, and Madonna have all recorded there.

Lena: It was great. They had thisnew room for recording, just for us.

Did you get homesick when you were in California?

Lena: I was flying home everymonth or month and a half formaybe one week when we had freetime. It was really great to see my mom and my friends. When I’m working, I miss them. It’s terrible when you’re very far away from everybody, but it’s our work and we love that, so it’s life. Julia: I like London, I like Spain.… I like so many cities, but my favorite is Moscow.

Was it neat to see so many countries on your first tour?

Lena: Yes, but mostly we wanted toget some rest.

What do you do when you’re home?

Julia: I play with my daughter. I’mwith my friends and my parents.

Do you go out partying?

Julia: Sometimes. I don’t like clubs. My friends go to clubs and bars every day. I go to clubs maybe one time a month. I like romantic things. I like restaurants, maybe going around Moscow.

Julia, we’ve got to know — are you single?

Julia: I have a boyfriend. [He] lives in L.A. He’s Russian, but he’s lived in America maybe 11 or 12 years. Are fans in the U.S. different from fans elsewhere?

Lena: I can’t say that in Europe people are more crazy, or in America people are more crazy. It wouldn’t be right. It’s just different people everywhere.

Really? You don’t have a place you visit that has the craziest fans?

Lena: Actually, the most crazy fans are in Japan. They are too emotional. They scream and touch you.

Didn’t you have to put an apology song on your new record for them?

Lena: It’s not really an apology forJapan. It’s for everybody becauselots of people sometimes have trouble.“Obeyzanka Nol” means “I’msorry.” We like how this wordsounds, and the song is really prettyand calm.

When you released your first record, you said you didn’t want to grow up yet.

Julia: When we came for the firsttime to the U.S.A., we were 16. Ourhearts and our bodies were like girls.

Do you want to grow up yet?

Julia: No.

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The sexy ladies of t.A.T.u. claim they’re not lesbians, but we’re still hoping there’s some sapphic action going on behind closed doors.

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