Penthouse Announces California Model Meaghan Stanfill is Runner-Up for 2021 Pet of the Year

POYRU Meaghan Stanfill

Penthouse put out a press release on our POYRU a month or so ago, but operating on the theory that most of you cannot find yourselves on the Penthouse Press Release list, we thought we’d run it here as well. For the record, our press releases are better because we can use pictures and video. (So neener-neener.)

The platinum blonde California model, who originally hails from a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, says she has wanted to model for Penthouse since the age of 18.

Standing 5’8” tall, this statuesque beauty enjoys volunteering at Mary’s Kitchen and the Sweet Paws Animal Rescue, and reveals her secret talent as the ability to create recipes out of anything. With “scuba diving at a wreck site” on her bucket list, she admits the most daring thing she’s ever done is swimming “in open waters with tiger sharks.” Stanfill is a former nationally ranked swimmer who confides she used to dream of becoming a marine biologist. “I’ve always felt a deep connection with the ocean, and growing up this was my dream.”

Stanfill, who describes herself as open, outgoing and kind, held several professional positions prior to modeling full-time — including paralegal, mortgage finance firm manager, and transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy tech, the latter of which she is most proud. “I’m extremely empathic and able to understand other people’s perspectives,” she says. “I put a lot of energy into spreading awareness of the world’s tragedies because they are something that impacts my heart.”

An advocate against bullying, Stanfill says her father is her personal hero. “He came here at a young age as an immigrant from the Philippines,” she reveals. “He then joined the Air Force and flew F-18 fighter jets, then dedicated his life to saving others as a paramedic, then firefighter, then battalion chief! He received commendations from the Governor of Georgia for saving a young boy from a burning aircraft and other heroic acts.”

“We are thrilled to announce Meaghan Stanfill as Pet of the Year Runner-Up,” praised Moose, CEO of Penthouse. “She is not only beautiful and intelligent with a big heart, but also a top-notch professional in every way. We are incredibly proud and honored to call Meaghan a valued member of the Penthouse family. Congratulations, Meaghan!”

“Shooting our 2021 Pet of the Year Runner Up, Meaghan Stanfill, was such an honor and a privilege,” adds Penthouse Photographer, Gerald de Behr, who photographed Stanfill’s POYRU layout. “She’s a natural beauty and a great model on set, who had numerous suggestions for poses and was attentive to every detail. As a photographer, you really can’t ask for a better partner to capture the erotic beauty that is expected of a brand and legacy like Penthouse Magazine. Congrats to Meaghan on being crowned Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-up for 2021!”

“We are thrilled about Meaghan Stanfill’s newest status as our Pet of the Year Runner-Up, said Drew Rosenfeld, Penthouse VP Broadcast. “Meaghan exemplifies beauty, grace, charm, and wit among many other positive notes. We look forward to a long standing relationship with Meaghan Stanfill, as she is now part of the Penthouse Royalty.”

Photo Editor, Director of Pet Projects, and Production Manager, Sam Phillips had many great things to say about the new Pet of the Year Runner-Up. “Penthouse POYRU for 2021 Meaghan Stanfill epitomizes elegance and style, while exuding an unrivaled and breathtaking beauty.

Meaghan doesn’t just stimulate the eyes, she also saves lives through her work as a transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy tech, a paralegal, and as a fundraiser for the charity organization INARA, which raises awareness for children impacted by war.

This multilingual, half Philippina and half German, leggy blonde stunner loves to create healthy alternative recipes in her spare time when she’s not creating delectable images as a professional lingerie model. Check out Meaghan’s life of luxury themed layout and learn more about our 2021 POYRU burning up the pages in the May/June issue of Penthouse Magazine entitled “The Movers and Shakers Issue.” For more exclusive access, please visit

As a frame of reference, the video of Meaghan for her POYRU feature took place roughly a year after her Pet of the Month (March 2020) shoot. It can be interesting to watch the evolution of a model as they do more and more nude sets, although honestly Meaghan tends to be fascinating at any moment in time. Should you wish to participate in more granular evolution, you can find our POYRU 2021 currently @meaghanstanfill on Instagram.

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