Let us be brutally honest: The abominable 2020 has set the bar so low as to make it very likely impossible for 2021 to be worse, so we feel fairly confident in our optimism.

Happy Penthouse 2021!
Keep the Penthouse Faith (and Revel in the Faithful)!

Many around here feel like if we can just make it past noon on January 20th, we will be fine. All the jumbled, narcissistic, sociopathy will at least be gone from the top at that point at least. Now while this may or may not be true — the all better now part — a discussion of such potential most definitely falls into the overly political for this Happy Penthouse 2021 celebration. Instead, we decided to feature a Pet of the Month from November of 2017 in a pithy salutation. That’s way better than a vanity comb-over and blur discussion, right?

We have — as one might expect — an uncensored version running over in the members’ area called PenthouseGold. That said, depending upon how good your lip-reading skills may be, you might not even need to shell out the twenty bucks to figure out what Lena’s Happy Penthouse 2021 greetings (and honest admissions) might be here. True, we could have blurred her mouth in addition to adding the classic BEEEEEP in the audio, but what would be the fun in that?

Besides, around here we consider it a crime against nature to mar or otherwise obscure any part of Lena Anderson’s face. It’s just not done.

By the way, we encourage you to heck out Lena on Instagram or on Twitter, should you feel an instant need. Of course you may also check out Lena on theses pages as well.

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