We’ve all been snubbed before, but you may be phubbed — or phubbing someone else — on a daily basis and have no idea.

“Phubbing” is the act of ignoring the person physically with you so you can look at your phone, and apparently this is a major downer when it comes to intimate relationships. A 2017 study of married couples found that phubbing a spouse was linked to astronomical rates of depression, and dissatisfaction with the relationship as a whole.

So the answer is simple. Whether you’re cooking dinner, out for lunch, watching your favorite show, or just lying in bed, when it comes to spending quality time with your partner, phones should be silenced and tucked away. (If you’ve got an iPhone, be sure to use the Screen Time feature so you can track the minutes spent flicking through Instagram and other social media sites. Then you’ll really see all your wasted time — time that could be spent IRL with the person you love. So turn off your goddamn phone!)

Further Thoughts on PHUBBING

  1. We cannot believe those two paragraphs and a tag line represented and entire article in Penthouse.
  2. We find even more unbelievable that some editorial staff included it for republication on the web site there.
  3. The Pet of the Month when this article published here was Emily Willis. We found each of the following pictures vastly more interesting than anything in that original article.

We once read that the Government spent $600,000 on a study to determine whether or not dogs feel jealousy. They could have simply asked anyone who has ever owned two dogs at once and saved themselves a lot of money. Same philosophy would seem to apply here. If your significant other spends all her/his time looking at a cell phone instead of you, it could we be that you have lost some significance along the way.

We should probably stop talking now, but feel free to run away, run away to more Emily Willis.

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