Penthouse’s latest Social Premier makes a very big statement without saying much at all.

Minnie Michele: The Ace

Hawaii has many stunning sights — and beguiling brunette Minnie Michele is one of the Aloha State’s best!

Our gorgeous Social Premier has made her mark online, but this alluring influencer also lives life to the fullest offline by enjoying local nightclubs, spending time in the gym, playing golf and hitting the shore. Minnie confides, “I LOVE the beach! I can’t live without it. Everything about the ocean is therapy to me.”

Bubbly and sweet, Minnie has a great sense of humor — and a wild side. The beach babe shares the wildest place she’s ever had sex was out in the ocean on a surfboard in the middle of Waikiki!

The dark-eyed goddess admits she’s not afraid of change. She’s proud of her constant evolution and willingness to always work on herself. But as far as we can see, she’s sheer perfection!

Given that fine — admittedly a tad prosaic — bit of editorial “gloss” we quickly decided to paint the Minnie Michele more with photos than with words. Granted, this will end up being an update more along the lines of a photo gallery than a profile or any kind of insightful glimpse, but considering our history we felt like folks might be fine with that every so often. People do read Penthouse for the articles, right? (While we admit we borrowed that tag line from an old Playboy promotion, we still think we deserve credit for that ever-so-subtle Subscription Plug. … So back to Minnie. …

Fast  Minnie Michele Facts

Favorite drink: “An espresso martini — extra sweet, please!”

Former jobs: “Real estate agent, personal trainer and claims adjuster for an auto insurance company to name a few.”

Favorite sport: “I love to play and watch golf!”

What she does in her spare time: “I am a huge foodie, so you’ll always catch me grabbing a bite somewhere with friends!”

Her future goals: “To be rich AF in every way — finances, health and opportunities.”

Naturally we want to encourage you to find out as much as you can about Minnie Michele, not only because we consider it a valuable use of your time, but mostly because you will find her to be one of the truly nice people in life. Beauty on the inside counts for a lot too, you know. Consequently…

INSTAGRAM: @minniemichelexx
TWITTER: @minniemichelexx

And of course we always try to give attribution to the photographers as well, if for no other reason than there are a heck of a lot of settings on a modern camera, and anyone who can figure all those out while standing this close to a woman this beautiful really needs some credit. Technically we found at least three different “main’ talents on this page, however, so we’ll happily send you off to @wickedneesh, @pisces_portraits, and @_chrispyshotz_ to get you started. Feel free to let them know you saw them here, and maybe ask to come along on the next shoot. Could be we have a few aspiring photography assistants out there.

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