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February, 2019

The Dakar-Peru Road with Penthouse | Episode 5

On the (Sandy) Road Again

Down and VERY Dirty

While the video department fights over which editor gets to piece together all the fun Olga footage from Dakar, we thought we might take five minutes and give you a bit of a view from the driver’s seat in the car. We should mention that we took what was originally a 15-minute shoot and sped it up so that it plays in only five. Honestly, we found it more fun this way, and riding in a car in the middle of South American desert can only be so much fun, after all.

It may have been dusty and windy, but some of the views were spectacular. We did notice that our Team did not seem particularly concerned with any of the broken down compatriots along the road. Competitions. What can you do?

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