Penthouse Pet Angela Sommers heats up hotter than ever!

Sizzling SommersPenthouse Cover - May 2012

Stunning Angela Sommers first graced the pages of our magazine as May 2012’s Penthouse Pet and reigned as 2013’s Pet of the Year Runner-Up — and in the years that have passed since then, she’s only grown more gorgeous!

These days, Angela has a jam-packed schedule as she juggles work as a model, content creator and feature entertainer, all while attending nursing school. But the busy beauty took the time to chat with Penthouse about her past and present — and her promising future.

Just as a bit of background for the uninitiated, Angela Sommers has shot plenty of solo pictorials and girl/girl content — including her Penthouse movies with fellow Pets Layla Sin and Emily Addison — even exploring the fetish industry, posing for photos and performing in videos related to bondage, superheroine cosplay, wrestling and basically any other costumed adventure you can think of.

Though lately the native New Yorker scaled back her mainstream adult video work, she continued shooting glamorous fetish content, and the in-demand dancer ramped up her schedule as a feature entertainer at gentlemen’s clubs. She says of her full-blown featuring days, “I did it for years and enjoyed myself.” She adds, “I still do — but I slowed down about three years ago to start college.”

Angela pursued her studies part-time while continuing to work, but since entering a nursing program, her education has been her primary focus.

“I’ve just been really grateful that my fans have not completely left me as I’ve slowed down because of school,” she says. “When I started posting about it, people were like, ‘Are you leaving the industry?’ But I made it clear I wasn’t.”

Angela adds, “The clubs have been so kind, too. So many great clubs are like, ‘Don’t worry about it. We don’t mind. We’ll work around your school schedule.’ A lot of people did that for me, and I’m thankful.”

She still hits the road when her schooling allows, such as the summer break between semesters, and regularly shares her club schedule on her “Official Sommers” Instagram account..

The showstopper unabashedly enjoys how featuring allows her to express her creative side by crafting her own costumes and mixing her own music, but reveals she’s also drawn to it because, “I feel like I’m a natural performer. That’s just in my blood.”

The Sultry Sommers adds, “I was a belly dancer recreationally for a couple of years. I love body movement, I love dance, and I love performance. It makes me very, very happy. I feel very natural onstage. I just like making people feel something. Whether I’m making them smile, making them happy or making them turned on.”

This devoted student has recently begun her clinical rotations and expects to have her nursing degree by 2025. [We will plan our illnesses accordingly. -Ed.]

“I really enjoy working at the hospital,” she says. “It’s very difficult, but that’s because I’m new. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, and it’ll get easier. But I do like working with people. I get gratification from working with people who are sick, so I think that’s where I belong.”

Even so, The Angela Sommers doesn’t see herself leaving behind feature dancing or her own online content creation any time soon.

“If people still want to see you, then why would you stop?” she reasons.

Angela says she most enjoys shooting damsel-in-distress bondage and cheesecake-style pinup content — featuring very high pointed heels, corsets, leather and brightly colored clothing. She recalls her Pet of the Year Runner-Up shoot was “absolutely beautiful.”

Ms. Sommers remembers, “It was like a Hollywood movie theater kind of thing with popcorn and the old camera roll. It was a really cool, old glamour Hollywood style, which I really enjoyed. They really went all out. It was really nice.”

When it comes to making her own imagery versus shooting with someone else, Angela says she appreciates being able to put her own personal mark on the entire process.

“It’s nice having creative control. I can shoot whatever I want and how I want it. And I can edit it the way I want and produce an image that I feel suits me best and portrays me the best way,” she says.

“I’m kind of a one-stop shop. I do everything myself. I shoot it. I edit it. I love doing that. I love making my costumes, too. It just gives me pleasure to create both photos and videos. I like creating erotic art.”

Ms. Sommers has been quite popular over the years, and thus we would be remiss not to mention PenthouseGold as an option for see (much) more of her in the members’ site. We figured we’d take advantage of the subtle opportunity to drop in that shameless plug, mostly because we just had to be remiss. Heck, we hate being miss in the first place.

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  1. Yes, thank you Angela, it has been an absolute honor and a privilege to have pleasured myself to you all these years. You are truly one of the most beautiful gorgeous film stars of my life. Thank you Angela you are an absolute beauty.

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