Every so often in life you find yourself just a bit taken aback, and all you can think may be, “Huh. So that happened.”

Strange Life. Normal Life.

We have mentioned this before, but one of our favorite features in the new incarnation of Penthouse Magazine has become the “Debrief” section which features little blurbs of strange life things … for lack of a more elegant way to put it. This time around, we have some of the strangest because, well, that seems rather the point, after all.

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It’s no secret dolphins are among the horniest of sea creatures, but a new study has found the marine mammals share more in common with humans when it comes to sex than everyone previously thought. Research conducted by evolutionary biologists Dara Orbach and Patricia Brennan at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts found female bottlenose dolphins experience sexual pleasure through a clitoris, like humans.

The findings suggest not only do female dolphins possess a prominent and extremely sensitive clitoris, their anatomy positions it in a better spot than that of a human, making sexual stimulation unavoidable.

“Since the entire pelvis of dolphins is so different to humans, it was surprising to see how similar the shapes were,” says Brennan.

It makes sense, considering previous research has shown female dolphins have sex all year round, even when they’re not ovulating, that they frequently have lesbian dolphin sex and masturbate each other, and that they’ve even been known to use live eels as sex toys, suggesting that the amorous animals have sex for fun and not just for reproduction’s sake.

The more you know. …

If nothing else, this does add a whole new dimension to those crazy noises Flipper always made.

Lemmy See Your TattooAshes to Ashes, Dust to Tattoos: The Ultimate Tribute

A couple of Motörhead’s roadies have paid tribute to Lemmy Kilmister by getting tattoos infused with his cremains.

In 2015, the Motörhead creator and frontman passed away at age 70, just two days after being told he had cancer. His dying wish was that his ashes be split among golden bullets engraved with his name and given to his closest friends. Judas Priest’s Rob Halford and MTV host Riki Rachtman were among the special few gifted mini bullet urns of the singer’s ashes.

But it was Motörhead’s former road crew, tour manager Eddie Rocha and production assistant Emma Cederblad, who took their dedication to a rock-star level. They paid the ultimate tribute by getting permanent remembrances of Lemmy tattooed on their skin with ink blended from his ashes. Rocha went for a portrait of the late star, while Cederblad opted for a spade tattoo tribute.

Gone by not forgotten, the legend will be further immortalized in an upcoming biopic directed by filmmaker Greg Olliver.

Full disclosure: Some of us may have already forgotten him. Why have Motörhead when you could have Skynyrd those people figure.

Strange Life PicklesI’m Kind of a Big Dill

The Portland Pickles baseball team has found themselves in a right pickle after their salty mascot shared an unintentional dick pic(kle) on Twitter.

Furry mascot Dillon took over the team’s Twitter page for a day and shared a suggestively cropped, low-angle photo that made it look like the big green guy was exposing himself. Following mass social media hysteria, the team jumped in to explain that the erect green object in the center of the shot was actually Dillon’s pickle-shaped thumb.

“It’s come to our attention that this photo can be misinterpreted as a disturbing image,” the next tweet read. “Dillon would like to go on record and say that he was trying to give his fans a thumbs-up.”

It was too late, though. The pervy pickle post went viral and jarred fans, with one person tweeting, “Can safely say that I did not expect to see mascot anatomy on my timeline tonight.”

There’s a first time for everything.

Perhaps, but a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. We try to use ours every day. Of course we also live a strange life.

Strange Life with a Google Street ViewPutting the Mafia on the Map

A convicted murderer who was on the run for more than two decades was caught after being spotted on Google Street View.

Mob boss Gioacchino Gammino, now 61, became one of Italy’s most wanted fugitives after escaping from a prison in Rome in 2002. Though he was on the lam, he was sentenced to life in prison the very next year for a long ago slaying.

The mobster had been using a fake name and working as a chef before setting up a fruit and vegetable shop in Galapagar, Spain, where he was spotted by authorities on Google Street View. A scar on Gammino’s face helped police confirm the henchman’s identity.

Upon being arrested again, a shocked Gammino said to the police, “How did you find me? I haven’t even called my family for 10 years!”

Google really needs to change its name to Karma. Everyone already knows that can be a real bitch in one’s personal and strange life.

Strange Life with Sultan Gustaf Al GhozaliLaughing All The Way To The Bank

A student from Indonesia has hit the jackpot, becoming a millionaire overnight after selling thousands of his selfies as NFTs.

Every day for five years, computer science student Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali took a photo of himself. Each photo is virtually the same and features the 22-year-old staring expressionless at the camera. The student decided to take advantage of the NFT trend by uploading his selfies to the blockchain as a joke.

“I was thinking it might be funny if one of the collectors collected my face,” he says.

Ghozali priced his photos for a mere 0.0001 ETH ($3), but the NFTs went viral are now selling for more than $12,000 a pop. He reportedly sold over 200 selfies in the first day, and since December has surpassed $1 million in NFT sales.

Strange Life with Sophia UristaUrine Trouble Now

When you gotta go, you gotta go. But Sophia Urista, frontwoman for the rock group Brass Against, found herself in hot water after relieving herself on a fan’s face during a live show!

A video that went viral shows the singer bringing a new meaning to the term “livestream.” She called a fan onstage during a live performance at the Rockville metal festival in Florida, then dropped her pants and emptied her bladder all over the stranger’s bald head and face for a solid 10 seconds.

Before the incident, Urista exclaimed to the crowd, “I gotta pee. And I can’t make it to the bathroom. So we might as well make a show out of it.”

After being waterboarded with the singer’s bodily fluids, the man was seen spewing some of the liquid in the direction of the audience.

What seems like pretty standard rock ’n’ roll behavior was slammed as “disgusting” and “pure trash” by horrified internet commentators and fans. On a post that promoted the band’s upcoming European tour, one person wrote, “Will you be pissing across Europe?”

The singer issued a public apology on Twitter following the backlash. Or rather, backsplash.

Other that pointing out that the name Urista does have some similarities with the word urethra, we really have no comment on the next in a very long history of bizarre stage performances. You can follow Urista and her strange life on your own, should you desire. … We do not kink shame here.

We do have some interest in the NFT issue, however, since people (universally seeking big chnunks of change) have been saying Penthouse should definitely be in that game. Should you have a theory one way or the other, we’d love to hear from you via our Contact Form.

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