It’s a fact of life that when summer rolls around and the temperature reaches a scorching climax, so do our sex drives.

Turn up the Summer Lovin’ Heat by Taking Your Sex Life Alfresco

Maybe it’s the feeling of the hot sun as it penetrates our bare skin, balmy evenings, the potential of a sun-kissed summer fling, or simply that everyone wears less clothes at this time of year. Whatever the case, there’s just something about the inescapable heat and sunshine that makes us all feel damn horny.

After what feels like an eternity of being locked inside, the concept of thawing out your mojo and taking your indoor activities alfresco sounds very appealing — every year.

However, with the high reward of sex in the sunshine comes an equally high level of risk. So, before you go getting it on in the great outdoors, read our tips for turning up the temperature on your sex life — without landing yourself in hot water.

Location, Location, Location

The secret to having successful, stress-free outdoor sex comes down to scouting the right location. You want to find somewhere that raises your heart rate and gives you the thrill of possibly getting caught — without putting you at risk of actually being discovered.

Choose a somewhat public, but not obvious, outdoor spot. Get creative, and remember the fun can be in the journey as much as the destination! Get raunchy against a tree in the woods, on a high-rise balcony, in an open field, on a cliff, in an alleyway, in the back seat of your ride, on a picnic table, on the deck of a boat, or the hood of your car.

While sex on the beach returns as a fantasy for many, it also generally tends to be very public, thus coming with the very real potential of getting caught. But if you’re hell-bent on a seaside shag, opt for a romp in semi-private, such as behind a secluded sand dune, where you’re less likely to be seen by prying eyes. Also, if you’re going to have sex on the beach, avoid missionary wherever sand is involved and stick to her being on top to avoid a disaster of the gritty kind. Better yet, bring a towel.

Sex in water? You’ll need Summer Lovin’ lube.

You might think that having sex in water would make everything extra slippery, but water can instead be very drying to vaginal lubrication.

While some condoms can function relatively OK in water — if chlorine levels aren’t too high — they can still break or tear without proper lubrication, putting you at risk of STIs.

So if you’re planning a wet and wild underwater summer lovin’ romp, keep a bottle of silicone lube poolside to reduce potential friction and make penetration more comfortable. But make sure you avoid using water-based lubes because they’ll wash away the second you submerge your bits. (Because, y’know, water.)

We recommend starting the party in the water and heading to dry land for the finale.

Come Prepared

Successful outdoor summer lovin’ requires a mixture of spontaneity and careful planning; so if you have your heart set on exposing yourself to the elements, you need to be ready.

Packing a sex bag before you go on an outdoor sex safari will save you in the long run. Make sure to assemble things such as condoms, lube, bottled water, easy access clothes and a sarong in case you need a quick cover-up. We note again it being essential that you toss in a towel, blanket or yoga mat, You need something comfortable to roll around on, while also protecting you and your playmate against prickles, poison ivy, grass burn, gravel, sand and whatever else Mother Nature might throw at you.

Don’t Get Caught

A big part of the excitement of having sex in the great outdoors tends to be the thrill and danger of potentially getting caught — without actually getting busted. You will find that the reality of being collared by a cop or interrupted by a screaming child will be the direct opposite of sexy. Nothing kills the fantasy quicker during an outdoor romp in the sunshine than a stranger slapping some handcuffs on you — unless getting arrested is your kink, in which case, you do you.

Bottom line, as it were, when getting frisky outside, good summer lovin tends to be all about being discreet and keeping hypervigilant. Stay within the law. Don’t trespass. Keep an eye out for surveillance cameras, and refrain from doing anything that might see you end up with a hefty fine or jail time.

Stay frisky without getting too risky!

First off, we threw in that photo set of Sophie Sparks because it says Summer Lovin’ if nothing else. Secondly, and please note we speak from painful experience here, if you really, really have your heart set on sex on the beach, we highly recommend this option. Then go back to the hotel room like civilized people. Glean a bit from the professionals: “Taint” no fun getting sand in places that were never intended to have sand in them. Finally, you need to be ready because Summer Lovin’ can surprise you. Still, you can have a blast even if it happened so fast.

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