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by David D Shumacher

April, 2019

Wade Boggs | 30 Years Ago this Month

Did you and Wade spend that first night together?

No. We left the restaurant and went to the Crystal Cathedral, drove around, and then I dropped him off back at his hotel. He asked me if I’d like to have dinner with him the next evening, because they had a night off. I told him to call me [the next day] at my office and gave him my card — and a quick kiss good night.

Did he call?

He called the next morning and told me to pick where I’d like to go for dinner and pick him up. He asked me how he should dress. I told him to dress “nice.”

Did he always ask you how to dress?

Always. I usually picked out what he wore.

You laid out his clothes?

In the beginning his clothes were kind of yucky. As each year went by, his clothes got better and better. I bought him shirts — pants were too hard, but lots and lots of shirts and most of his polo shirts until 1987. I would iron his clothes and lay everything out.

What was your first date like?

We went to the Ancient Mariner in Newport Beach and had a great time. I was completely enthralled. During dinner, he told me the story about him eating chicken every day. “There are hits in chicken,” he said. He told me how superstitious he was. He asked me that night what my favorite numbers were, and I told him — 20 and 6. He thought that was hysterical because his number is 26. I didn’t know that. I ended up drinking the entire bottle of wine. He had beer, and I ate almost none of my dinner. I was very tipsy when we left. I lived about a mile from there, so Wade drove to my house.

So you had sex with Wade that night?

I’d like to say I had this fabulous, romantic sexual adventure, but I honestly cannot remember what happened after we got to my house, because I’d had too much to drink. I got up early the next morning to go to work and take Wade back to his hotel. He was fidgety, nervous, upset, which made me upset, too. I thought it was a one-night stand to him.

What was he worried about?

I didn’t know until he called me later at my office. He said, “There were no messages last night. I feel much better.” He told me he tried never to stay out all night because one night, when he was still in the minor leagues, [his wife] Debbie had tried to call him when his daughter had been sick. She used that against him — like, “See, you were out all night and look what happened” — and Wade felt superstitious that it would cause something to be wrong with his daughter if he ever did it again.

Did Wade tell you he stayed out a lot with other women?

We had a saying — “B.M.” — Before Margo. He used to say there would be no ’’A. M. “ — After Margo.

How was your sex life together?

Great! We sometimes talked out a fantasy of a threesome when we were having sex. I called his bluff once. I got a woman and approached him about it. He backed down, although I would never have followed through.

When Wade and I were apart, he’d initiate phone sex. We started doing that later in the relationship, probably in ’85. Then we’d do that if he hadn’t gotten any hits, or when he was just lonely. And a couple of times in the morning, but rarely during the day, because Wade believes that sex weakens your legs, and he needs strong legs to play third base.

Once he photographed a centerfold. We discussed that situation in detail. We had a very erotic conversation, which he really enjoyed. He was never very talkative on the phone except during phone sex. He would always start by asking me, in his boyish tone, “So what are you wearing?”

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Professional athletes often strive for the reputation Wade Boggs developed in his Major League career. As with sports, though, it always comes with a price.

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