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by David D Shumacher

April, 2019

Wade Boggs | 30 Years Ago this Month

Did the Red Sox party much as a team?

They don’t have many team parties — they can’t get organized that much. At the ones they did have, I was usually the only woman. In 1986 in Detroit, Wade surprised me and said to meet him in the lobby, told me to wear my white leather miniskirt and my pink sweater. When I got downstairs there were three stretch limos with the players in them. I got into a limo with Wade — he said we were going to a team dinner. At the restaurant there was a partition between the disco area and the dinner area. I asked, “Where are the other girls?” One of the guys said, “In the other room, behind the partition.” I said, “Well, aren’t they eating dinner with us?” And he said, “No. Just ’cause we’re going to fuck ’em doesn’t mean we have to feed ’em.” One other big thing is for the players to come on the girl’s face or her tits. The guys always said, “I didn’t fuck her, I only came on her face.” Few of the players used condoms, so I guess it was their way of practicing safe sex.

Some of the ballplayers roomed together. Did that cut into their sex life?

No… I think that most of the wives think it does, but it doesn’t. They have a game… I can’t remember the name they have for it, but the player that struck out for the night would go to the room while his roommate followed a few minutes later with his date. When the girl came into the room and noticed a guy sleeping in the next bed, she was told he was a sound sleeper and nothing could wake him up. Then after a few minutes, when the girl is hot and heavy, the roommate would get out of bed, and before no time the both of them would be fucking her, usually at the same time. One player told me about a bartender — another player was fucking her in the ass while she gave the first player a blowjob. The next night all three of them acted like they never laid eyes on each other. I have seen this happen several times, because the next day the players all talk about the scores they made the night before. For one player, one time it didn’t work. The girl would not do anything with his roommate in the room. He had to fuck her under the sink in the bathroom. We always kidded him about it because he said he kept hitting his head on the pipes under the sink.

During spring training, usually a family time, were the guys active sexually?

The guys would be screwing their girlfriends down the hall from their wives or at a hotel down the street. The wives could be in the room with the kids. Of course, the last week of spring training is a total frenzy because all the wives head up to Boston. Everyone thinks that if you are a player’s wife, you can show identification at the front desk and just go up into the room, but most hotels protect the players. In Detroit, one player’s wife was downstairs trying to get a key to her husband’s room and couldn’t. Someone had to call upstairs and tell him she was there. He had a girlfriend with him.

Did the players ever discuss their ultimate nightmare?

It wasn’t birth control. It was called “raising the Chinese flag” — when a girl had her period. It would piss them off when a girl didn’t warn them. Once, one player was with this girl. The next morning he had to get up early because his wife was coming and he had a meeting with [then manager John] McNamara before that. When he got up, the lights were out and it was dark in the room. In McNamara’s office he looked down at his hands and they were all bloody. The maid was pissed off because the room looked as if someone had been murdered.

Did the guys ever tease you and Wade about sex?

One time in Oakland, during a fit of passion, I began to scream — and I mean scream. I was heard all the way down the hall. Two of the players called security, thinking that someone was being murdered. The next day Wade told me that the guys were going to tease me. I thought Wade would be embarrassed, but he was actually excited about it. I said, “Why are you so proud of it?” and Wade said, ’’Are you kidding? After being with you for four years, and they think I can still turn you on like that.”

Were there any pitchers he feared?

There was nobody — not even the All-Star game, facing Dwight Gooden — no one bothered him to the extent that John Candelaria did. No one. He was so upset the night before facing John, I made lemon chicken for him because he felt he needed that to go up against Candelaria. Something about him just scared the shit out of him. He’d be up all night the night before, sick to his stomach-sick to his stomach the day of the game.

Did you ever hear players talk about intentionally throwing at batters?

Yes, all the time. I remember once Bruce Hurst hit someone, and Wade saying, “Boy, I never thought Hursty had it in him.” When they go into Toronto, they have a thing for George Bell, a favorite among Red Sox pitchers. It’s set up on the road trip before or the trip in, before the game. They get off on that. I mean, you’ve got a pitcher standing there with total control — why not make some batters look like wimps when they jump away from a pitch? Wade’s probably someone they would like to throw at, too. He’s not well-liked.

What is it about George Bell?

They all hate his guts. He’s the most hated man in baseball. I think it was in ’85, when the Red Sox got into a fight with the Blue Jays. Wade got cracked in the face. If there was ever a fight, look for Wade. He’s the one that’s basically trying to get out of the way, terrified of getting hit. Who wants a career-ending injury?

As baseball’s greatest hitter today, did Wade ever discuss his attempt to hit .400?

Wade doesn’t discuss his attempt to hit .400 as much as other people do. Wade would talk about it as long as his average wasn’t near it. When we were in Seattle, in the middle of the season, he was batting around .389, and at that point he wouldn’t discuss it because of his superstitious nature. Wade always told me that if he was batting over .400 near the season’s close, he would fake an injury. He would say, “Oops, I think my back hurts a little bit and I might just … I don’t think I can play.” As time went on, that was one of the flaws in his character that started to scare me.

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Professional athletes often strive for the reputation Wade Boggs developed in his Major League career. As with sports, though, it always comes with a price.

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