Power, luxury, and innovation Rarely can one find all three qualities in a dynamic vehicle that also looks like it could withstand the end of the world as we know it.

Facing Apocalypse: Modern Road Warriors

Apocalypse RideApocalypse Manufacturing with its bold truck rebuilds delivers all that and more. Apocalypse crafts the most badass builds on six wheels – and they’re revving up for even more outrageous creations.

Joseph Ghattas, Apocalypse’s owner, engineer and head designer, is the mastermind behind the Florida company’s six wheel drive creations, which sport names such as Hellfire, Warlord, Dark Horse, Doomsday, Sinister 6 and the brand-new — and utterly monstrous — Juggernaut, which measures a whopping 272 inches long.

Ghattas got his start with a small shop focused on upgrading and selling exotic cars. But after patrons repeatedly expressed interest in the custom not-for-sale Jeep rebuilds on display, fate took him in another direction — and he says his passion for invention soon became “less of a hobby and more of a business.”

Without a doubt, Apocalypse’s vehicles are eye-catching — but there’s much more to these ultra-cool beasts than cosmetic bells and whistles.

Every one of their trucks starts its life as a standard pickup. But the 75-person strong team at Apocalypse renovates every inch — inside and out — to their customers’ specifications, which involve everything from engines to interiors, night vision cameras, armored add-ons and more.

Ghattas reveals his crew has streamlined their process and can do a total rebuild, with a “full heart transplant” — which includes a kick-ass engine conversion — within 16 days!

Mopar engine options give these behemoth trucks, which typically weigh between 7,000 and 10,000 pounds, plenty of power. Case in point, the Warlord just ran the world famous Gumball 3000 and achieved a steady driving speed of 120 mph for the duration of the race.

Meanwhile, the jumbo Juggernaut — which boasts a modified 6.2-liter supercharged Hellcat V8, churning out 850 horsepower, and six massive 40-inch tires on 22-inch rims — delivers a tremendous 20,000 pounds of towing capacity.

Ghattas shares that the Juggernaut takes everything customers love about the popular Hellfire — and gives them even more of it!

He explains, “It is the largest of the six-wheeled Apocalypse trucks, and one that checks off all the boxes — speed, size, reliability, comfort, space and way more functional features like increased towing and axle lockers.”

Few companies provide anything close to what Apocalypse offers. But Ghattas says proprietary parts, such as a mechanical middle axle that delivers equal power distribution to all six of the truck’s tires, are what set his business apart from the competition.

Ghattas insists his talented team is “only limited by how many hours there are in a day and the customer’s creativity.”

Approximately 400 man-hours go into each vehicle at their Fort Lauderdale manufacturing location, and Ghattas says, “The culture in the shop is all about quality and speed.”

While the crew works toward being as efficient as possible, he says strict quality controls ensure customer satisfaction as they craft luxury products built to withstand whatever their demanding owners dish out.

Steel-front grumpers — grill and bumper combos — windshield armor and proprietary Kevlar-infused paint are designed to keep these trucks looking pristine, even after the most rough-and-tumble off-roading adventures.

But Apocalypse’s 6x6s, which the company ships to clientele worldwide, have also proved to be the toast of Tinseltown. They’ve been featured online in Jay Leno’s Garage and on the big screen in The Lost City, which stars Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock.

Still, Ghattas isn’t content to rest on his laurels and promises he has more cool projects in the pipeline.

He says, “The beautiful thing is you can create something as wild and crazy as you can imagine — and someone will want it. And someone else will want it even wilder and crazier.” 

In consideration of our sincere desire to avoid hate mail, we included the Apocalyptic Link — or whatever would be the correct way to convey … “Seriously killer trucks, dude!” … You can even check out their live webcam to see the production team in action. Prepare to be humbled.

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