Travel is in her blood. … You might say it’s destiny.

The Adventures of Destiny Rose

Destiny Rose TravelWanderlust has taken hold of footloose beauty Destiny Rose, who tells Penthouse, “If I had to choose one thing that inspires me most, there is no other answer than traveling. I can’t sit in just one place!”

While relaxing on the patio of a villa in Malindi, Kenya — where she’s taking kitesurfing and wakeboarding lessons every day — our Pet of the Month for July 2022 shared memorable moments from her European road trip in 2021.

The native of Poland set off in a van with best friend Lukasz Bulczyński (Instagram: @luckaspain), who captured candid snapshots of the stunning beauty as they explored the continent together.

Destiny says, “We drove 7,299 miles through nine countries over three weeks. All in our sweet VW California Camper!”

She recalls their first overnight stop was in the middle of the Alps and shares, “This vehicle had a foldable bed on the roof. No words can describe the feeling of waking up there.”

The first major city on her itinerary was Rome, Italy, where she set her sights on a “naughty photographic challenge.”

She explains, “As you know, Vatican City is located in the middle of Rome. While admiring the beauty of this place, my friend convinced me to take a topless picture in front of St. Peter’s Basilica. Since then, we have taken topless images in front of the main tourist attractions in most cities, including Paris and Barcelona.”

Next up after Italy was Spain by way of France and Monaco.

She shares, “We dedicated this part of the trip to integrating with nature. We slept by the beach or on the hills above it. I listened to a lot of music and admired breathtaking landscapes.

“I had the best time in Barcelona, even if it was my sixth time visiting this artistic city. We got matching tattoos, drank gallons of sangria and fell in love with Spanish tapas.”

After bidding “adios” to Spain, Destiny said “bonjour” to Paris, which she admits is “as beautiful as they say.”

Of her time in the City of Lights, she says, “We focused on getting into the French vibe with champagne, sightseeing and visiting iconic places like Café de Flore, which held shows for Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel and launched campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Longchamp.”

Last but not least, they lit out for the capital of the Netherlands—Amsterdam, which Destiny calls a city made for partying.

“Even if I am not the biggest fan of smoking or other substances, I had a great time getting high and touring the red light district and art museums,” she reveals.

“Our road trip was a unique experience that showed how little I need to be truly happy. I visited the most beautiful cities in Europe and reminded myself about the uniqueness of European culture.”

Warmed by memories of her European adventures, Destiny finds herself currently focused on her water sport lessons and snorkeling among Africa’s beautiful coral reefs.

“Africa is stunning,” she says. “You should visit it if you ever have a chance.”

Naturally we have to highlight the official Destiny Instagram, and of course we should point out that one can see more of Destiy and even hear her talk on her Pet Page on this very site. What may come as more of a surprise would be that we now have the very rare unanimous consent vote in this office when it comes to traveling with Destiny on her next trip. Come to think of it, that’s not very surprising probably, although it does add a dandy item to the New Year’s resolution list.

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