Traveling With Trippie Bri

Trippie Bri recently enjoyed a brief visit to Kraków, Poland, before taking in the sights in Prague in the Czech Republic—and she’s giving Penthouse a sneak peek into her mini-Euro tour! Our fun-loving May 2022 Pet—who speaks English, Polish and Italian—tells us she hit classic sightseeing spots but made sure she branched out to do some exploring of her own.

“Locals gave me some good hints, and I found a couple of cool cafés hidden from the tourists. It was like a scavenger hunt!” she says.

Trippie visited Prague’s cobblestoned hub Old Town, which is known for its stunning landmarks—including the medieval Astronomical Clock and the Gothic Church of Our Lady Before Týn.

She also sought out a place serving real absinthe—a potent anise-flavored liquor dubbed “the green fairy,” which has been banned in the U.S. since 1915!

“I got to try it for the first time!” she says. “I had absinthe from two producers—the Swiss brand Butterfly and one from France’s Lemercier. They tasted like alcoholic black licorice.”

Trippie found Prague’s nightlife limited, but she says it was “still entertaining.” She even came across a dedicated James Dean bar, packed with Americana.

“It was funny seeing the European interpretation of America,” she recalls. “The bar snack they served was popcorn! And they had Coca-Cola merchandise and half of a vintage Ford car as a booth.”

Trippie also found her own personal way to liven up her trip and admits, “Since nudity is allowed in public in Prague, I couldn’t resist pulling out my tits for a little unique fun!”

Though Trippie has now returned stateside, her visit to the Czech Republic made a definite impression.

[While you’d need a subscription to see those particular shots, we can drop in a few more around town shots. Travelling with Trippie seems like fun. -Ed.]

“Prague is a great city to explore because there are a million different little winding alleyways that actually take you to cool spots you might never have noticed from the main street,” she explains.

“I loved the experience, and I can’t wait to do it again.”

Naturally we need to point out the Trippie Bri Pet Page in these very annals, as well as her ever-evolving Instagram buffet. (Fair warning, that address changes with some regularity. It seems our beautiful lass has a problem keeping her clothes on, which apparently offends some jealous folks with nothing better to do than complain. For the record, our vote would go to anything Trippie does being ART by definition.) If you can find her, though, you really will have some fun looking through it. If only she did not take herself so seriously. …

Speaking of voting, for at least a bit, we should also mention that you have a chance to vote for Trippie in our 2023 Pet of the Year contest, just to let her know you appreciate her. If the contest has already ended by the time you read this, you will simply have to live with the disappointment, painful though it may be. Maybe watch her Pet video again. That always makes us smile. … We’ll be shooting for some more “So what are you doing now?” updates too. We’ll take pretty much any excuse to talk to Trippie.

Have you ever noticed how she seems to wave and the heavens everywhere she goes. She probably just wants to say, “Thanks.” She does enjoy life.

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