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January, 2019

The Dakar-Peru Road with Penthouse | Episode 1

Having arrived in South America after a long flight, our crew began sending back documentation of their superior efforts. It could be up to interpretation, granted, but we felt it difficult to feel overly sorry for them having to undertake the grueling adventure thus far. We will say that we admire their rumination substance, however.

On Your Marks

The Gang Arrives

Rumination SustenanceOur new team fairly quickly felt the crush of trying to produce content in a country you have never visited before, but we did get a fairly detailed outline of their activities up to that point.

  1. Got to Lima and had a taxi take us back to the hotel.
  2. Had a pre production meeting with Olga’s team and Stormy Daniels and her manager (where we gave them the Penthouse merch).
  3. Left with Olga›s team to base camp while Stormy Daniels stayed behind to get ready.
  4. Arrived at the beach and took photos and video, including a lot of b-roll.
  5. Stormy showed up and did some video work for us before we transitioned into photos.
  6. We did the Christening of the car with Stormy popping a bottle of champagne.
  7. Continued, doing photos of Stormy and Olga with our Penthouse merch.
  8. Got on the beach to get last photos of Olga in her race outfit.
  9. Arrived at hotel around 8:00 p.m.
  10. Confirmed sticker delivery to hotel around 9:00 p.m.

For the record, we still did not feel sorry for them. We will say this, however: Should you ever get a chance to have champagne with Stormy Daniels, we would encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity

Stormy Daniels at Dakar-Peru for PenthouseStormy Daniels at Dakar-Peru for PenthouseStormy Daniels at Dakar-Peru for Penthouse

Also, we have learned that vehicles built to roam on sand dunes have themselves some serious tires.

Da Car at Dakar with Penthouse

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