This Is Twenty-Twenty’s Coolest Fashion Collab

Penthouse Fashion

When opposite sides of the fashion world collide, the results can often be a swing and a miss, a kind of mismatch of sorts that caters to neither element of the customer base. But when Italian luxury giant Ermenegildo Zegna announced a collab with Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God streetwear brand, ears around the globe suddenly pricked up.

Although on different sides of the fashion pyramid, Lorenzo and Zenga’s artistic director, Alessandro Sartori, share many of the same values. For example, both follow the design gospel of our times, unique craftsmanship and hybrid fashion fitting.

This collection is firmly aimed at the modern man who has an eye for luxury. Simply named FEAROFGODZENGA, it features a range of sublime pieces that are minimal yet eye-catching, made from only the best fabrics.

The 100 percent Cotton Shirt is a particularly attention-grabbing piece, an ’80s-inspired design with detachable shoulder pads that offer an imposing silhouette.

The Wool Trenchcoat is also another standout design, with its sleek and streamlined cut. It’s also 100 percent natural and features a classic shirt collar.

Lorenzo also brings his expert knowledge in producing high-end sneakers to the table. The casual yet elegant Suede Shoe is impeccable, with its monochromatic laces and cream rubber sole made for total comfort and style.

The collection might only be available in exclusive locations, in ten lucky boutiques across the States, Europe and Asia, but it is certainly one of the year’s standouts.


You may wonder, at least at this juncture, what the following three photographs have to do with, well, anything at all they were talking about in the magazine. Rest assured, the answer will be forthcoming in relatively short order. For now, simply consider that “Penthouse Fashion” existed well before — and extends well beyond — the admittedly quite impressive FEAROFGODZENGA line.

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