Every issue "Penthouse" puts together a section about things to which one might aspire. Considering the political fights (still — yes, still) about masking and vaccines, and basically everything these days, we set out on a mission to ignore the bickering.

Solo (or not) Adventures

Consequently, we decided to pull a few levels of fun stuff from a recent issue that you can enjoy all by yourself. As with almost everything you can enjoy by yourself, though, finding a trusted friend to share with might well increase the enjoyment. No bickering, though.

Fun Stuff for Your Face: Braun Wet-Dry Shaver

Braun Wet-Dry ShaverCrafting your look starts with the right tools. If you like a cleanly shaven mug, finding the right tools to keep your chops in shape is a must. Those of us who like a smooth face know all too well the pitfalls of daily shaving, but the team at Braun have tweaked one of their best sellers to make sure close shaves and irritated skin need not be mentioned in the same sentence. 

Their Series 9 9390cc electric shaver can be used for both wet and dry shaves. That means whether you’re looking to take away excess stubble while on the move, or fully foamed up in front of your bathroom mirror in the morning, whiskers can be removed with quick and efficient ease. 

The product has several features that make easy work of even the most wayward growth. A lift and cut trim draws away flat-lying hair to get closer to the root in one movement, while a skin guard and 2x Opti Foil protect your skin during every stroke. 

A MacroMotion Flex Head adapts to the unique shape of your face to give you optimum skin contact, even when whipping off overgrown beards and ’staches. 

The series Series 9 9390cc also promises plenty of longevity, with a 60-minute battery life after a full charge — ideal for meeting-heavy business trips or weekend getaways when time is of the essence. 

And to top it all off, the Series 9 9390cc comes with a Clean and Charge Station. This clever little device not only charges your shaver but when selected, cleans, lubricates and dries the trimmers and guards, so it stays fresh and ready for use. 

Jeff GoldblumFun Stuff for Your Style: Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is one of those actors who manage to carry that little sprinkling of stardust just as much off-screen as he does on it. 

Putting images of a human turning into an insect to one side, The Fly actor has become somewhat of a beacon for how to be a little bit more edgy and daring well into your later years. For a man who was born in 1952 — yes, that makes him 68 years old — Goldblum manages to carry off imaginative ensembles with effortless ease and an added dose of his extrovert thespian nature. 

Whether he is sporting a colorful tux for a new premiere or getting a little bit more casual and playful on Los Angeles sidewalks, Goldblum has his own unique, and unequivocally cool, slant on the perfect dress code.

There is a youthfulness to everything he wears — thanks in large part to his lanky, six-foot-four figure, which helps him out when he dons slim-fit denim with handmade leather Italian footwear.  

But whereas the Independence Day actor may like to mix it up in terms of his threads, there is always one statement piece he just couldn’t be seen without. Those thick, black-rimmed glasses that the man has crow-barred into just about every look of his for the past 30 years. Chunky frames are as synonymous with Mr. Goldblum as they are with Mr. Orbison. And they never look out of place!    

So, for a graceful yet daring look that will keep heads turning well into your 60s, look no further than Jeff Goldblum for someone experienced in imaginative inspiration.

We do not usually interrupt our captivating prose with footnote comments in the middle of things, but it seemed an unforgivable sin not to mention perhaps Mr. Goldblum’s finest work. If you enjoy “suspense” comedies — particularly with Michelle Pfeiffer — you really check out their early pairing for Into the Night. Heck, he might have even been using a Braun shaver on set. Who knows? Fun movie, though. … OK. Back to the other kind of drooling…

Fun Stuff for Your Karma: e-bikes

Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance Electric Mountain BikeScoot past the stigma and consider these benefits. In a world that is demanding, we take our carbon footprint more seriously, but the argument for and against the e-bike seems like one that continues to divide. Purists believe they are lazy and take away from the joy of a more traditional ride, while motorheads bemoan a lack of torque. But to think of an e-bike as a direct replacement for either of these forms is somewhat missing the point.

Ask anyone who has to do a 40-mile daily round trip commute how much energy they have left for work, or how much fuel the same distance would cost in a car or motorcycle, and we start to see e-bikes more than have a place.

Settings on e-bike batteries also mean you can decide which moments you get that little extra pump of assistance, leaving you free to put in more effort on flatter terrain if you want to stay fit. They’re also perfect for off-road surfaces from bush to beach, with a battery life of up to 75 miles giving you the peace of mind needed for a substantial ride.

E-bikes have been accepted by one community of hard core bike fans. Many riders involved in high-speed descents are now using them to get back up to the top of trails quicker, and get two or three more downhill rides in a single session — with energy left to burn.

The stigma attached to these machines will always be frowned upon by a few, but the tables have definitely turned. With designs more defined, batteries that last longer than ever and favorable price points, it might be just time to change your opinion when it comes to e-bikes.   
The Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance Electric Mountain Bike is built to take the road less traveled. Its high performance aluminium frame carries the Bosch PowerTube 400 Battery, which is seamlessly integrated for a balanced ride that feels as good as it looks. It’s paired with a Gen 3 Bosch Performance Drive Unit (250 watt) for a smooth ride that climbs with ease, so you can enjoy the best parts of biking, whether on the road or off.

Porsche Taycan 4SFun Stuff for Your Soul: Porsche Taycan 4S

Porsche has launched its first all-electric sedan, this while the mere word Porsche calls to mind a turbocharged engine in a car capable of hugging curves and cornering faster than most of us have ever gone in a straight line. The German sports car giant remains as relevant today as it was when its vehicles first hit our roads back in 1931.

However, marques such as Porsche have been coming under increasing pressure over the past 10 years to come up with high-performance, eco-friendly designs — and in the process recognize their importance to the carbon-free direction of the industry as a whole. In response, Porsche created the Taycan 4S — a high-performance electric car — and pretty much hit the ball out of the park at their first attempt.

Going through just a few of its impressive stats is enough to turn the head of even the most ardent gearhead. It does zero to 60 in 2.6 seconds, has a battery that can last up to 287 miles — and a top speed of 155mph. Not bad!

Still, as important as performance will always be, many other characteristics combine to make this instant classic stand out. 

The iconic Porsche silhouette has been maintained, so prying eyes are never in doubt about what you’re driving. When sitting behind the wheel, the interior resembles something akin to a sci-fi movie, with a 16.8 inch digital widescreen providing key information from current speed to engine management. Unlike many higher-end Porsche models, this version comes with four doors and enough legroom for all four passengers — perfect for impressing a small entourage on a luxe weekend getaway. 

The Taycan 4S has arrived with a bang and is the first glimpse into the future of Porsche. It’s now available and can be all yours starting around $110,000 — depending on your choice of bells and whistles!

Fair Warning on that Porsche price: We played with their very fun “Build Your Porsche” feature on the site and were amazed at the immense number of options available for this electric vehicle. Of course how quickly we got that price closer to $160,000 was pretty amazing too. Still, if you’re going to buy cutting-edge technology fun stuff, it would be crazy not to get the Truffle Brown leather interior, right?

Fun Stuff for the Most Obvious of Reasons

Penthouse Social Media made a video for International Kissing Day back in July which considerately fit right into our theme for today. Honestly having one special day for kissing seems like an entire waste of 364 days of potential kissing to us, but in fairness we often do not really understand the social media mentality. … Kissing, though, THAT we understand perfectly.

In fairness, we should probably mention that this whole kissing addition may not quite technically fit into our “Solo Adventures” title. That said, we did mention trusted friends, and besides, we have all met individuals that we would swear go home and spend time kissing themselves. Or maybe that’s just an L.A. thing.

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