ManyVids Presents 15 Questions with Ginger Banks

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All due respect to ManyVids, we actually enjoy the Ginger Banks answers more than the questions. We’re odd that way. Still, we have included the questions, because otherwise this would be very confusing.

What inspired you to become a content creator?

I was in college, where I felt safe to express myself sexually for the first time after leaving my small, closed-minded town. I spent a lot of my free time online, trying to turn other people on and make them smile. Eventually, I realized there was potential to make money doing this, so I started webcamming, and then I recorded my webcam shows to sell. When ManyVids came around, it was the perfect opportunity to put those videos to use; because of my extensive library of videos, I spent a few months as the No. 1 model on the platform.

Tell us one thing that no one knows about Ginger Banks.

I am a very open book, so this one is hard for me. Not many people know this, but I’m still legally married to my ex-boyfriend from college.

Do you prefer to cook or eat takeout?

I prefer to eat out at restaurants with my friends!

What song best describes Ginger Banks?

The song “Das Me” by Brooke Candy is one of my anthems.

What is your favorite quality in a partner?

My favorite quality in a partner is the ability to play and have fun.

If you were stranded on an island, what three items would you want with you?

A hatchet, some flint and water purifying tablets.

What is your favorite thing about your line of work?

My favorite thing is that it gives me the time and freedom to philosophize on the topics I am most passionate about, such as consciousness-raising, plant medicine ceremonies, sexual freedom, sexual education, healing from trauma and more.

Do you prefer salty or sweet treats?

Sweet all the way!!! That’s why my photo shoot location at the Candi Bar in Montreal was perfect for me! 🙂

What inspires you most?

What inspires me most is getting someone to think about the way they have been taught to think about sex and sex work. If I can get people to realize that their harmful treatment and attitude toward sex workers contributes to the trauma from society, then I am happy. If I can get someone to recognize that their internalized shame around their sexuality is holding them back from their full potential, then my day is made.

What is your favorite color?

Hot pink!

Close your eyes and picture ultimate happiness. Where is Ginger Banks?

I am sitting on the beach, surrounded by all my loved ones, and we are watching the most beautiful sunset that any of us has ever seen. We go into town, and the topic of sex or sex work is brought up, and the people involved in the conversation are open-minded, treating you with love in every interaction.

Name a movie that changed your perspective.

Religulous by Bill Maher was the first thing that got me to question what the church had taught me. I think it pushed me a little too far in the “super atheist” direction for a while, and I rejected all forms of spirituality because of it.

How would you describe the Ginger Banks style of love?

I try to fully love and accept the people I meet on this Earth. Love is the highest energy emotion that you can feel. Did you know that when you focus your intention on love while holding water that the molecules will rearrange themselves? Our thoughts and feelings can affect the material world around us, so I want to make as big of a positive impact on this world as possible.

What do you like to do when nobody is watching?

I like to dance like it could be the last thing I ever do. Freely moving my body has brought so much joy into my life over the past few years.

What is at the top of your bucket list?

Travel to Bali, Israel and any other place I feel called to.

Photographer: Dominic Lachance … And just for the record, we actually looked up “Das Me” from Brooke Candy. It was definitely and experience. We cannot possibly link to it from these SFW pages, but it was definitely an experience. We’ll send you off to Instagram, and you may explore (as you dare) from that point.

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