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Sheer Delight

Submitting to pressure from the ever-so-testy Publishing people, we have happily complied with a mini-feature on “Social Premiere” Rebecca Chen this time around. To her credit, Rebecca actually supplied a handful of photographs where she was wearing clothes, which makes it ever-so-convenient for us in the Digital Brand world. We have almost nothing in the way of text from the lovely Ms. Chen, but we have 9,000 words in the form of pictures if that helps any. For our part, we thought that helped a lot.

According to the magazine, and in a blatant manner of appeasement, therefore…

Rebecca Chen

Age: 31
Height: 5’5″

Beach babe Rebecca Chen knows how to rock a bikini! While skimpy swimwear suits her just fine, she’s equally stunning in luscious lingerie and daring dresses. These photos show the brunette beauty knows her way in front of the camera, but she’s also a dynamo on the dance floor.

“I used perform and compete in salsa dancing,” she tells Penthouse, “and eventually I worked as a go-go dancer in nightclubs.”

The Singapore native has put down roots in Thailand and says there’s no place she’d rather live. In her spare time, she works up a sweat at the gym practicing Muay Thai boxing and relaxes by catching some rays at the shore.

If she could do anything for the day, Rebecca tells us, “I’d love to travel into space.” But if you ask us, she’s already out of this world.

Fast Facts on Rebecca:

Her ideal date:
“Hanging out at the beach, having coconuts and stuffing ourselves with barbecued seafood.”
The most exciting place she’s ever had  sex:
“In my workplace—a Pilates studio. We got caught by the security guard, and XXI was fired the next day. LOL!”
Her favorite qualities about herself:
“I’m forgiving, generous and ambitious.”
Her ideal man:
“He should be kind, outgoing and mature.”
Her dream vacation spot:

More Visually on Rebecca:

Now we had to crop some of the extraordinarily fine photographs shot by Jerome Biales — he of Living the Dream with Rebecca Chen fame — in order to fit the layout that the superior talents around dictated. Should you contact him via facebook, however, he would probably share the full shots with you — provided he can pull himself away from his ideal live long enough. You can find Rebecca Chen on Instagam, as one would expect, so you might be able to appeal to her there to put some “suggestion” out that Jerome share these shots. If life in Thailand works anything like life here, those “suggestions” from the right source work with amazing efficiency. … Oh. Come to think of it, you could subscribe to the magazine too, we suppose. (And we wonder why Publishing does not love us. It’s a mystery.)

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