We continue our ManyVids deep dive with a woman who clearly knows her way around a beach. Based on the other photos Scarlet submitted she could have other pools of knowledge as well, however.

A Scarlet Chase Scene

I first started in the adult industry purely because I love everything to do with being an exhibitionist! The risk of being caught when filming in public and being watched by strangers is one of my biggest turn ons.

My partner Elic and I right from the beginning were very sexually open and would often film our sex and make creative videos just for ourselves to enjoy. Then one day we decided to see if we’d like sharing it with the world. We uploaded our first adult video online in late 2016 which was one of the most exciting and best things we ever did!

It wasn’t without it’s fair share of ups and downs though, due to our family and people close to us not sharing the same views, we took quite some time away from the industry. However, overcoming all of that we came back and started uploading again in 2020 and now make online adult content full time. We couldn’t be more proud and happy of the content we create and the industry we are in. It gives an artistic outlet that allows me to portray my creativity through sexual expression and show the world it’s okay to be different and have unorthodox interests and fetishes.

This has lead to creating a mission for myself to help empower others locally and to the far reaches of the world that it’s okay to be sexual and empower your own and others’ individualism. I’ve grown so much not only as an individual, but grown a stronger relationship with my partner and have learnt to take risks, be proud, and to do what makes me happy — which for me is sharing my dirty little fetishes with like-minded kinky people.

Because we do not have those pesky space limitations that the print magazine suffers from, we were able to pose a few of the “Pet-Style” questions to Scarlet, obviously intending to share.

Height: 5’4″
Hometown: Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Fun Fact: Collects Lingerie

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I spend my free time at the beach, outdoors, being creative & spending time with my dogs.

Favorite Shows and Movies?
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Step Brothers, Shrek, Rick & Morty

Favorite Foods and Drinks?
Vegemite toast, salt ‘n’ vinegar chips & ginger beer

Favorite Music?
Placebo, Breaking Benjamin, Nirvana, The Doors, Radiohead, Deftones

What’s your hidden talent/skill that people don’t know you have?
Reciting movie lines (ha-ha), and I’m not too bad of an artist.

Bra or no bra?
No bra. I love my double nipple piercings showing through my shirts.

What gets you in trouble the most?
Being horny in public places.

Scarlet Chase - The V

By the way, in case you were curious, the tattoo on Scarlet’s inner right arm says, “Show me how defenceless you really are?” … This not only verifies the daring nature of the woman, but also proves she learned British spelling. We say, “Bully for her!”

We would be remiss if we did not make it easy for everyone to visit Scarlet Chase everywhere online, and we hate to miss even the first time.

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