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by David D Shumacher

April, 2019

Wade Boggs | 30 Years Ago this Month

After the series in Anaheim, did he want you to go on to the next city the Sox were playing in?

He started mentioning my going to Oakland. I had already made plans to go away for a week, so I said no. He kept up and kept up and kept up. He sent me flowers to the office. Then he left. I missed him immediately. I fell in love with him. I probably fell in love with him that first night at dinner, but it was a choice of spending a week skiing with a person who was single or falling deeper in love with a man who was married. I talked to a couple of girlfriends and told them I was head over heels in love with Wade. They said, “Don’t do it, don’t go to Oakland. He’s married. Don’t get involved. You’ll be sorry.” I decided not to go to Oakland.

When was the first time you went on the road with Wade?

The trip to Kansas City in May. I was nervous, he was nervous. He asked me if I could get away for a few days. I said I’d have to think about it, and he said, “Well, why don’t you find out the price of a ticket to Kansas City?” He gave me the dates. I bought the ticket and went to Kansas City.

What was it like?

I got there in the afternoon. He had arrived the night before. When he opened the door, I saw he had flowers sent to the room, along with champagne. We sat and talked. I was nervous and he was nervous. I can still picture the entire scene, sitting there. He told me he had asked one of the Kansas City players — I think it was George Brett — to recommend a local florist. When he’d send me flowers before, from the ballpark, he’d give the clubhouse boy money to arrange it. He didn’t know how to do it himself. I remember saying, “I can tell by the way I’m starting to feel about you I shouldn’t have come, because I’ll never be able to leave you.” He said, “You’ll leave me. I’ll never leave you.”

Did you have a good time in Kansas City?

The trip was extremely exciting. We stayed to ourselves a lot, but we’d meet up with the guys at a bar. One night we were standing at the bar and saw a girl come out of the bathroom — she was very drunk. She passed out and then vomited. She was lying there in vomit and probably close to asphyxiating herself. I remember a couple of players looking at each other, laughing. All they were trying to do was see up her dress. The way she was lying there, they could see up her dress. Someone else in the bar had to come to her aid.

The two of you took several vacations together. Which one was the most interesting?

Definitely the trip to the Dominican Republic. One of Wade’s friends came along for the trip. We went to this outdoor strip place. There were women prostitutes there and they charged $6 for the entire night. I remember his friend asking me to pick out a girl for him. I told him that for those prices, why pick only one? He finally took one back to the hotel and I remember the next day him saying how he had trouble with her because she didn’t speak English. He said that he was going down on her and she had never had that done before. How many guys would go down on a prostitute? I thought. All she would do is laugh because it tickled her. He eventually had to get a translator.

Is it true that after Kansas City, Debbie Boggs learned of the affair for the first time?

I went home and he went home to Boston. He found a way to call me, to make sure I’d gotten home okay and tell me how much he missed me. The next day my travel agent came running up the stairs to my office and said, “We need your phone number — there’s someone trying to get you from the hotel in Kansas City. You left something there.” I said, “No I didn’t — no one would know who I was.” I went downstairs with her and figured out very quickly it was Debbie. She had found my travel agent somehow. I called the ballpark and got through to Charlie Moss, the trainer, and told him, “I think Debbie found out about me. You’d better warn Wade.”

What happened next?

Wade called and said, “You’re right, she’s trying to find you.” I asked him how she found out about me. I had bought a Penthouse magazine to read on the plane to Kansas City and finished it by the time I arrived. Wade asked me if he could have it. He’d taken it home with him and hadn’t opened it to read. But my travel itinerary was stuck in it, with his room number written on it. When she picked up the magazine, it fell out.

How did Wade get out of it?

He called me at 8 A.M. Saturday morning. He said, “I just acted like I was confessing — and told Debbie it was some girl I met in Anaheim who had flown to Kansas City on a business trip.” He told her it was a one-night stand, it would never happen again — that the girl just followed him everywhere, he had no choice.

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Professional athletes often strive for the reputation Wade Boggs developed in his Major League career. As with sports, though, it always comes with a price.

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